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So, What's Behind The Tusks?

The Offer Walrus Network is a GPT (Get Paid To) Offer Wall and CPA Incentive Web site that offers free gifts and incentives. You just need to complete easy tasks, such as advertiser trial offers, surveys, pay to click offers, etc., for which you will earn "Clams". Once you have reached a minimum number of Clams, you can place an order for your gifts and/or incentives. Gifts and Incentives include Gift Cards, Amazon shopping sprees, PayPal payments, Direct Deposit (once you are set up to use it), Zelle, Cash App and more, with other options coming soon, including crypto options! There is a minimum number of Clams you will need to cash out on the site using one of our Payment Processors (500 Clams, which is equal to $5 USD).

Clams are the "currency" for our site, and are easy to dig. Digging for Clams can be exciting, fun and profitable on your own! However, you can greatly enhance your earnings when you refer others to the site using your referral link, or your referral code. You will get a commission when your direct referrals complete tasks and offers. But not only that, you get commissions when your referrals refer others too! And EVEN when your referral's referral refers others to dig Clams! So, you get commission for your direct referral, PLUS you get commissions for referrals two more layers deep after that as they dig for Clams! Simply put, when ANY of these layers of referrals complete offers, you get a commission on their task completions! (Digging for Clams)



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